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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leather Suede polymer clay

I've been working  on several projects for my jewelry designs this year, some come out wonderfully &
 some will stay buried deep because they are so awful, & some are just not my favorite so I put them aside.       One that I have been very pleased with is my leather suede look polymer clay.          

 I experimented with several different colors one day, I didn't want a real shiny look and was trying to find the right texture and color that wouldn't require a gloss or a clear coat, when I scrunched left over clay from 2 different projects together and came out with a happy mixture that looks like leather!

 The first time I mixed them I didn't pay attention to how much of each there was, so I had to go back and experiment with it for a while until I found the right mixture again, then I had to find more clay to work with, they were also two different brands, one Fimo  the other Sculpy.

then I added a copper bail to it and baked it, so far they have turned out very well.

These are some of the samples and designs that have come out of that experiment.


  1. Love the cross!! Did you use a pre-shaped cutter? I have seen some info on faux leather and am interested in trying it also.

  2. Beautiful work! I've seen your listings on Artfire and always wondered how you did it!

  3. I love the cross too! I love the look of leather. You did an awesome job!

  4. Thank you! The cross is a stamp that I used & then cut around it

  5. Love the textural look to this!

  6. Love this technique, it really does look like leather--very pretty!