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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leather Suede polymer clay

I've been working  on several projects for my jewelry designs this year, some come out wonderfully &
 some will stay buried deep because they are so awful, & some are just not my favorite so I put them aside.       One that I have been very pleased with is my leather suede look polymer clay.          

 I experimented with several different colors one day, I didn't want a real shiny look and was trying to find the right texture and color that wouldn't require a gloss or a clear coat, when I scrunched left over clay from 2 different projects together and came out with a happy mixture that looks like leather!

 The first time I mixed them I didn't pay attention to how much of each there was, so I had to go back and experiment with it for a while until I found the right mixture again, then I had to find more clay to work with, they were also two different brands, one Fimo  the other Sculpy.

then I added a copper bail to it and baked it, so far they have turned out very well.

These are some of the samples and designs that have come out of that experiment.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ocean wonders of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild

I love water, when I was younger you could always find me in the pool, lake or the ocean if I had the chance.
You can find many things when walking in the ocean or on the beach!

I found a few Polymer clay pieces laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

White whale with row boat
    If you look closely, you can see out there on the water a large white whale playing with a row boat.   You will find this lovely whale at

Dolphin magnet
You can also see a beautiful dolphin cavorting out in the waves.    Ahhh what I wouldn't give to be there right now  swimming with the dolphins!           You can find this happy dolphin at       He is just waiting for a new home.

Manta Ray mini sculpture

 There goes a cute little Manta Ray swimming by enjoying the warm water.        If you stop by      I bet you could take this little guy home.

Swirling star fish

This Star fish was floating towards the beach with his fish buddies,don't they look like they are having fun rolling in the waves on this beautiful day!    You can find this cute little star fish at

These are just a few of the marine life I found while walking on the beach & looking through the water at some of  the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild members sites.     Well I hope you enjoyed the water as much as I did.   I visit with you again next week!       Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wonderful Animal instinct captured in Poly Clay
Hi there, this week I"ve been wandering around the Art Fire site looking at other members work.   I have visited The Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild member sites & looked at all of their wonderful artwork.  There are some very lovely, unique pieces that have great style & personality!    This Sea Horse is such a cute little guy   he is just asking someone to take him home!       HeatherDesign has done a wonderful job on him.
  This cat looks like it would be willing to go on great adventures fearlessly,  this is such an creative & whimsical piece in steam punk.   You can find this lovely cat at Rueschka by Laurel Steven

These lion earrings are very regal looking,   I like the aged bronze look of them.     These will go wonderfully with any outfit!   They can be found at Emily Claire Creations.

All of the Polymer Clay Smooshers have wonderful items on Art Fire, stop in & see them at

 Thank you for stopping by & I will write more soon!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Polymer clay smooshers Art fire collections

The Art Fire collections that the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild has on display this week, are wonderfully done. I appreciate the curators of these collections, they have each put time & thought into their collection, each has a wonderful theme with some very talented artists, I am honored to be includes in these collections that have been curated respectivley, by Michelle of, Cindy of, & Dana of Thank you so very much for doing this.

These then inspired me to do a little more jewelry making this week, so I made some polymer clay beads, but as happens to me sometimes, they didn't come out quite like I envisioned them, so will be looking at them this week with various pieces to see what will inspire me. Here are some pictures of the beads, they aren't quite the color I was planning on! See above picture! I need a little more work with the camera too! ;) Thank you again!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jewelry, polymer Clay blog

I've been working on my jewelry web site so I haven't done much with any of my projects yet, but I have been looking at some sites & a few blog posts, one is Polymer Clay Smooshers it is a guild I belong to, they are having Masquarde Clay Ball this month and there are some really fantastic designs being displayed by different artists!! Please check it out!!